Soho Bikes – Berwick Street


A combination of bikes and coffee, two of my favourite things, so I was hoping for something more Look Mum now Hands (excellent) than Rapha (awful) and it fell on the good side. Kerry was off having her hair done and so was flying solo for this trip.

It’s not the biggest place, 2 long tables with benches made of scaffolding boards and poles – very Soho and not as uncomfortable as they appeared. I ordered a latte and a chocolate brownie (£5) and it was brought over to me rather quickly.


Not the biggest coffee but looks very good, nice little leaf on top, wonder if it’s possible to do a bike wheel design? When I make latte I do well to keep all the foam in the mug so next best placed to try it.

It was a little bitter so I added a spoonful of brown sugar and that balanced it out perfectly. It went down rather quickly and I could have easily had another, although as I didn’t go for decaf that may have been a mistake so I didn’t ask.

The brownie was really nice, I don’t like then gooey and this one was more on the crispy side.

The selection of foods wasn’t massive but there was enough for me, and all the coffee options you could have of course. Friendly staff, loyalty card, clean and tidy, all ticks in the right places.

Had a quick look around the bike shop and workshop too and it is a good place, not in the market for any bike clothing / parts at present but I would go back when I am, and then I can have another coffee too.


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