Dunkin’ Donuts – Powis Street

WP_20150131_003 WP_20150131_004

As we’ve done Krispy Kreme it only seemed fair to try their opposition, this one is in Woolwich and we live close by so no effort required, although I would say worth the effort if you fancy somewhere a bit different.

I had a decaf latte and a white chocolate donut, Kerry had a white coffee and a caramel ring donut. The choice of donuts was sufficient for all tastes, and they also offer bagels and savoury food. Total for that was £4.98, which is ridiculously cheap, they have various offers so that probably didn’t hurt.

I found the latte to be adequate, nothing extraordinary but easily drinkable. I enjoyed the donut, no where near as eye meltingly sweet as Krispy Kreme, nice amount of white chocolate in the middle and the icing kept dropping off so chasing it kept me going.

Kerry enjoyed her coffee, no Americano option she says, may try cappuccino next time though. Her donut was okay, she didn’t feel 100% so not sure if she just wasn’t in the mood for it.

The place itself was nice and clean, not busy but a constant supply of customers. Staff were friendly too. Would be happy to visit again, can add stamps to the loyalty card too. And if you fill in a quick survey with code for receipt you get free donut with next coffee!


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