Rhubarb – Fenchurch Street

WP_20150125_009 WP_20150125_005 WP_20150125_006

First off this is not on Fenchurch street, but above it – 35 floors to be precise – in the Walkie Talkie building. You cannot just turn up, you have to book a ticket, which is free but stops it getting mega busy I guess. Once through security and up the lift we were in heaven!

I saw the coffee bar immediately, but the view took precedence. You can stroll around for as long as you like, we spent ages looking out at the different famous buildings, then looking for more personal places (like where we work, sad I know), Kerry also enjoyed the garden – reportedly the highest botanical garden in London.

Then we went for a coffee. I expected prices to be as high a the location, but we paid £10.50 for a decaf latte, cortado and 2 muffins, Kerry went blueberry whilst I opted for raspberry. The selection of food and drinks was very good (fully stocked bar too) but the food could have been labelled.

The latte looked amazing, such a cool glass (which Kerry wanted to “borrow” but fortunately the table was cleared before she had the chance), and tasted even better, superbly smooth and not mouth scarringly hot as it can be in some places. Kerry’s cortado was really nice, very smooth too, not as happy that her’s came in a normal cup as opposed to a cool glass. She wasn’t too impressed with the food, she wanted things labelled as it was busy and asking what everything was would annoy those behind us and make us look daft! Also she didn’t enjoy the top of her muffin which was crunchy, but I enjoyed it on her behalf.

Kerry was not to happy that draped over the seats were reindeer skins,I was more concerned at the comfy looking sofa was in fact solid wood! An amazing place which is well worth a trip, booking the ticket was no hassle.


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