Tap Coffee – Rathbone Place


No name on the outside of this place, and as I cannot count I nearly ended up in a much less interesting looking place! Fortunately Alice (niece) is more intelligent, it was her choice and she chose well.

For a Saturday lunchtime it was almost empty, which felt wrong really, but nice as could talk normally. Alice had a latte and a beef and horseradish sandwich whilst I had a decaf skinny latte and a pain au chocolate. Coffee was a little slow to arrive but there was only one girl serving ans we were not in a rush anyway.



Both agree that the coffee was very nice, they had different sorts to choose from but we are not that skilled to know what to choose so just got whatever we were give, very nice whatever. Added a little sugar just to take the edge off and then it went down a bit too quickly, could have easily drank a cup double the size.

Alice’s sandwich was amazing. My pain of chocolate was very good, so soft and fresh, and huge! I often feel like I need two to fill me up but not this time.

The place itself has very simple and oozed effortless cool, interesting light fittings, and old fashioned and cool spoons, but without tipping over into being the sort of place just must wear a beard to enter. A few much hipper people did come in but we didn’t feel out of place as were there first.

I will be going again, will look to take Kerry to one of their other establishments at some stage to see if they are as good!

Always good to see a bike, they had once outside advertising their goods.


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