Patisserie Lila – Borough Market

WP_20141129_014 Whilst wondering around Borough Market on the look out for a coffee without a horrendous queue we stumbled across Patisserie Lila, from the outside it looks rather classy and the inside doesn’t disappoint, it had an old school but cool and quirky feel. One nice thing we noticed right away was the “no laptop” sign.

I opted for a decaf latte and vanilla cup cake whilst Kerry had a flat white and a black cherry cheesecake. The cake range was rather excellent, didn’t have time to have a proper look sadly as was whisked away to a table – table service is good but so is having time to salivate at the food on offer. Total price was £13.10, which felt a little on the high side as the cakes we had were not the most elaborate or sizeable.

WP_20141129_012Kerry’s coffee was nice and smooth, there was a little more froth than she’d have liked on an Americano, it was more like a half-ccappuccino! The cheesecake was nice, rich but the perfect size – any bigger and there would have been some left over, all that was left was the small dark chocolate fan as she’s not a fan of dark chocolate.

My latte was smooth and nice too, went down far too easily and I could have easily had another one or two cups. The cup cake was okay, the cake itself could have been a bit lighter in texture, made up for by the magnificent amount of frosting – some may say too much, but I cannot have too much frosting / buttercream.

We both really liked the place, a little pricey and staff a little over bearing, wouldn’t be as bad if there were more customers on our floor I guess. The location is perfect for a visit to the market or The Shard, if you hang out of the window and look right it towers above you. Well worth a second trip I am sure.