Illy – Regent Street

This is only a few minutes from Oxford Circus tube station, down the quieter bit of Regent Street. It is close to a Pret, Paul, Cafe Nero and Leon, to name but 4, and there are probably more too, it was just noticeable how many places there were within a short distance, even for London it seemed extreme.

Illy I had seen the other day but decided to save it for a trip with Kerry when we could both experience it. The at table service is nice now and again, although we did both go and check out the various sweets and savouries on offer, the words do not do any cake justice really.

WP_20141116_020Kerry had a cortado, or whatever they called it – still an espresso with a small amount of froth – and a toffee muffin and I had a latte machiato and a biscuit selection. Total price was only £7.80, which seemed an absolute steal.

The latte was super smooth, I’d go so far as to call it divine and the best I have had for quite some time. The biscuits were a bit dull, although they were all different in look they tasted very similar, even the one in the middle of the picture which had almond and dried fruit tasted no different really.

Kerry’s muffin was halved and had a good sized portion of soft toffee, so much so that the second half had to be carefully wrapped and saved for later. The sponge was nice and soft, clearly freshly made too. Her coffee wasn’t quite what she expected, think it was the froth which doesn’t make the coffee as white as a Costa version of the same drink. She says she wouldn’t choose that again but that there was nothing really wrong with it.

WP_20141116_018A really nice place, lots of attentive and friendly staff, nice and open environment, was quite busy but didn’t feel loud or that we were rushed, in fact we had to ask for the bill. There is a small upstairs area too, which would be nice for a bit of people watching, and the chairs looked a little comfier too.

Only down side was that a woman came in begging but can’t blame them for that, and she left soon enough. We will be going back for sure, their coffee menu intrigued me and I would like to try a few others, and more cake of course.


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