Cafe in the Gardens – Russell Square

I have been there previously, with Alice for breakfast, but as we were passing I wanted to get Kerry’s opinion, I also hoped there would be dogs for her to get gooey over!

I had a decaf latte and a scone, Kerry had an Americano and a raisin Danish. My coffee was okay, scone was fairly dull, it was actually what I would class as a Derby scone as it had cherries in it and sugar on top. Kerry’s coffee wasn’t memorable and didn’t enjoy the Danish at all – slightly stale.

She didn’t like the place at all, said it had an atmosphere she didn’t like, the place felt cold and the only plus point was the view, would have preferred any other coffee purveyor in that position. She also had a small argument with the door to the toilet, it was just stiff so after 10 minutes of being polite she put her back into it and found she had been stood in an outer hall.

I very much doubt we’ll be going back, we only stumbled across it this time so we’d not hunt it out when there are loads of new places to try so why return to a place you’re not keen on?


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