Cafe – Museum of London Docklands

This was pretty much a spur of the moment trip to the museum which had to be finished off with coffee and cake. The museum is free to go to and the cafe is positioned neatly on the ground floor so if you don’t want to see the museum then you don’t have to although the current exhibition relating to the bridges of London is rather cool, ends at some point in November I think.

I had a decaf latte and a slice of chocolate cake, Kerry had an Americano and no cake as she had some fruit and oat biscuits we’d got earlier from Costa in her bag so secretly ate those instead.The total was £9.15, which seemed reasonable enough to us.

My coffee was lovely, so smooth and it went down far too quickly! Kerry thought her Americano was really nice too. The cake was excellent, soft and fresh, not too much butter cream or frosting, well balanced. And a perfect size, and bigger would be too much.
WP_20141025_007The place itself has a good selection of comfy chairs and a relaxed feel, would be cool to sit and enjoy drinks with papers, although with it being a museum I’m not sure they would be too impressed with that. With it being so close to Canary Wharf we will be visiting again, especially now that we have yet another loyalty card to fill up for a free drink.


Cafe in the Gardens – Russell Square

I have been there previously, with Alice for breakfast, but as we were passing I wanted to get Kerry’s opinion, I also hoped there would be dogs for her to get gooey over!

I had a decaf latte and a scone, Kerry had an Americano and a raisin Danish. My coffee was okay, scone was fairly dull, it was actually what I would class as a Derby scone as it had cherries in it and sugar on top. Kerry’s coffee wasn’t memorable and didn’t enjoy the Danish at all – slightly stale.

She didn’t like the place at all, said it had an atmosphere she didn’t like, the place felt cold and the only plus point was the view, would have preferred any other coffee purveyor in that position. She also had a small argument with the door to the toilet, it was just stiff so after 10 minutes of being polite she put her back into it and found she had been stood in an outer hall.

I very much doubt we’ll be going back, we only stumbled across it this time so we’d not hunt it out when there are loads of new places to try so why return to a place you’re not keen on?

The Garden Cafe – Regents Park


This is a tiny Benugo tucked inside Regents Park, and Kerry loved it. She had an Americano, a honey and oat raisin biscuit and blueberry muffin, I had a decaf latte and a chocolate truffle muffin, total price £11.50. Given the size the variety was fairly small but enough for a snack on the way to or from the zoo.

Kerry loved the muffin, loads of blueberries and very soft. Also loved the coffee. I liked the coffee, nothing special but good enough, my muffin wasn’t great, it seemed a bit stale and dry, which was disappointing. No comment on the biscuit as it was stored away for later and although it has since being eaten I haven’t had a report back.


The place itself is very small inside, and the decor is plain with white tiles, kind of like public toilet chic, but in a clean way! We sat outside even though it was a tiny bit chilly, Kerry was very happy with that as there were many dogs being walked, and when one got tied to the bench we were sat on I thought she was going to explode with excitement.

I am sure we will be going back as Kerry will hold out hope for my dogs but I want the muffin to be better next time please.

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