Blanche Eatery – Strutton Ground


This is our first coffee and cake involving all three of us, now that we are all living in London. Alice has a Pret a Manger addiction but I pulled rank and said we had to go to somewhere new and found this place not far from St James Park tube station.

Alice had a latte and a slice of mud cake, I had a decaf skinny latte and a slice of red velvet cake, Kerry Americano and a slice of red velvet too – stealing my idea! Neither of us had had red velvet cake before so had no idea what to expect. WP_20140926_005

Kerry’s Americano was nice and thought the red velvet cake was lovely. I have to agree about the cake, so moist and just brilliant, lots of cream. She often can feel full after a slice of cake but it didn’t sit heavy at all, it tasted very fresh, baked that day on the premises if I had to guess. The lattes were both very nice too, smooth and just frothy enough.

WP_20140926_006 The place itself is nice, mainly two seater tables but we found a three seater in a kind of mezzanine level. It was rather tight though, fitting three coffees and 3 cakes on the table, sugar was moved to the floor. Only on the way out did we realise there was a seating area downstairs, could have done with a “more seating downstairs” sign or to have been told so by the staff.

Staff themselves were friendly enough, place itself was tidy and functional, probably not too much fun if busy as quite tight in places. Kerry thought there wasn’t enough choice, I had to disagree as it was quite late in the afternoon and there must have been at least 10 varieties of cake as well as various savoury options.

I’d like to go again, earlier in the day as they have a small market down the street too.


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