Reddoor – Turnpin Lane

This place is tucked away near the market in Greenwich, which itself was rather cool, and well worth hunting out. Best way to get there is via the DLR, get off at Island gardens and used the foot tunnel under the Thames, you come out near Cutty Sark and into a very interesting and historic part of the city.

I had a decaf latte and a scone with butter and jam (supposed to be cream but they’d run out and I don’t like cream anyway) and Kerry had an Americano and a gluten free slice of chocolate cake with chocolate sauce.

The Americano was nice, came with pretty much a gravy boat full of milk so easy to make weaker if required. Kerry was gutted at no clotted cream so settled for the chocolate came, and it was a bit dry, I tried it and have to agree, even with the sauce it couldn’t be finished.

WP_20140921_010               WP_20140921_009

My latte was nice, tasted like very good quality beans. The scone was nice, I was expecting it to be plain but was a fruit scone, so with the jam (strawberry) it made it quite sweet. The jam and butter came in egg cups, which was rather quirky

Quirky suns the place up well, a mish mash of design, random chairs and tables, all tables too low to get your legs under, weird art on the walls, Jimi Hendrix playing on the record player – yes vinyl, and a friendly guy serving us. It felt busy, mainly because it’s small, but didn’t feel rushed to move on, and had a cool vibe, without feeling like staged shabby chic. So good I left a tip!


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