St Martin in the Fields Courtyard Cafe

We just happened across this place last Sunday (when the Tour of Britain was in London for the final stage) and that’s the best way for coffee I am finding, not aiming to go to a certain place, just stumbling over somewhere at the right time.


The setting is in the courtyard of St Martin in the Fields, so the name is no red herring, and although only a few minutes from Trafalgar Square it is nice and quiet and somewhat of a sanctuary. All outside seating, yet no smoking at all of them, however if you step just outside of the rope you can get your pipe and and blow back towards the cafe area, but odd but those were the rules!

Kerry had an Americano and an apple danish and I had a decaf latte and raspberry and white chocolate muffin, coffes were £2.30 each and cakes £2.90 each, nice and symmetrical pricing structure. And the milk for Kerry’s drink came is a cool mini milk churn.


The latte was very nice, smooth and creamy, nice and big too. The muffin I was a little disappointed in as it was pre-packaged and given the air the place exuded I would have expected something a little more locally produced, not something that was almost identical to a McDonalds cake. Tasted nice enough, but first bite is with the eyes and that was seeing the plastic wrapping.


The americano was nice, Kerry highly appreciative of the cool green mugs/glasses (picture wont upload sadly) and thought the apple danish was nice too, but nothing overly special either, did compare it to one from Greggs.


Not sure we’d go back, nice enough place with relaxed vibe and attentive and friendly staff but menu was rather limited and there are just so many other places to try. Kerry expected more, such as sandwiches that could be made on site and to our requirements rather than pre-packed.


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