Paul Rhodes – Notting Hill Gate


We’d been to Portobello Road Market and as it was a nice day decided to walk back towards Hyde Park, whilst keeping our eyes open for a coffee stop. We saw the standard chains but I was determined to find a less cookie cutter place, and then saw Paul Rhodes.

It is a fairly unassuming place from the outside, a few loaves in the window and not much else, but once through the door I saw the cakes and was decided.

Kerry had an Americano and a frasier whilst I had a decaf skinny latte and a royal cake. The total came to £12.50, which did feel a little expensive, it was the posh cakes that added to the total, coffee prices were okay, and a good sized cup too. And Kerry did take advantage of the free water too.

WP_20140913_002 WP_20140913_001

The frasier was slices of strawberry with a small amount of sponge as a base, then cream, topped with a disc of marzipan with half a strawberry on top. The cream was thick, kind of like cheesecake, we don’t know what it is called but Kerry thought it was nice – after using google we now know it is crème patisserie. She isn’t a big marzipan fan but it was very thin and not overpowering.

Her coffee was nice too, very smooth, a little strong so extra milk was added. My latte was really nice, smooth too.

The royal cake was really nice, it was chocolate, with a different chocolate on top, dusted with chocolate and with chocolate squares on it! Probably not suitable for diabetics.

The place itself isn’t huge but really nice, friendly and helpful staff, very clean, a massive range of cakes and breads if that’s your thing, free water too, which impressed Kerry.

We will be going back at some point, either to this one or their other one in Greenwich, which I’ve probably passed as we live near there.


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