Tinderbox – Tottenham Court Road

This is a cafe within Paperchase – a generally dangerous shop to go in as we are both a little obsessed with stationary, but less than with coffee and cake so just about worked out. Kerry had a coke and a flapjack whilst I had a regular decaf skinny latte with a slice of chocolate and vanilla cake, total price £8.80.


Kerry loves coke when it comes from a glass bottle, says it tastes better, not sure how scientific that is but it does stay colder in a glass bottle longer for sure. The flapjack was nice, just a simple recipe, nothing fancy in it which would put her off. My latte was nice, acceptable size for a regular too. It wasn’t too bitter and I got about half way through it before I decided to add a little sugar. The chocolate and vanilla cake was very nice, when I asked for it I was a little disappointed she cut a slice off the huge slab behind the counter, I had a slight hope I would get the whole thing!

The cafe itself is simple, Kerry did think the choice of cakes wasn’t the best, which may have been due to the time of day, maybe not. A lot of the tables give views over Tottenham Court Road, not the prettiest view but okay for people watching as it does get busy. Only one member of staff as it was later in the day but she was friendly enough, even if seemingly a little flustered when the queue got to more than one. Not the short of place we will go out of our way to visit but should we happen to be buying a fluffy pen I am sure we will pop up.


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