Pudding Pantry – Trinity Square – yes, again!!

I do like this place, but this was the least enjoyable trip so far. It was with my niece so Kerry still hasn’t made it there, and probably never will now. All sounds dramatic, we aren’t boycotting it, we move this coming weekend and it’s a long trip just for coffee and cake.

Alice had orange juice and scrambled eggs on toast with bacon, didn’t ask her if she enjoyed it, but didn’t hear any complaints and apart from a little toast it all disappeared.

My decaf skinny latte was rather nice, as always, smooth and warm, never enough though, but that’s the same with a lot of nice things, they end and then you feel sad. I had a bacon sandwich on white bread, it was a bit ‘meh’ really, the homemade tomato ketchup wasn’t really to my taste – have had it there before and it was fine that time though. The bacon seemed a bit too fatty and not of the quality I’ve had there previously.

Bit of a shame for last trip there to be a bit of a downer, so maybe I will have to try again just before leaving Nottingham, the salted caramel brownie was calling to me as I left on Saturday, and it would be rude not to reply.


Foxcroft & Ginger – Mile End Road

This is a bit of a mini post as it was a mini visit, a fuller post will follow after a fuller visit.

This is pretty much the closest coffee purveyor to where I work and opened not that long ago and I have finally been in, but not stayed in as took coffee back to work.

I had a decaf skinny latte, and it was £3, not the largest and they charge 50p extra for decaf, some places charge more for decaf but 50p seems to be a tad steep, that’s 20% extra. The coffee is amazing, no sugar needed, perfectly smooth and tasty, and almost makes up for the price.

The place itself looks rather cool, nicely spacious, one thing that seemed a bit odd was the height of the preparation area, it was kind of like being served from above, a little disconcerting really! The range of food looked interesting, some of a it a little too hip for my tastes but some jolly exciting looking sweet items – one reaon to go in for a proper visit at some point.

Foyles – Charing Cross Road, part 2 with pictures!

After the first visit I had to go back, and had a decaf skinny latte and blackberry and almond slice. Coffee was amazing and then the was the cake, it was double amazing! The sponge was soft and only had a slight taste so the main flavours were the almond and blackberries, very impressed, apart from that I had to have an edge piece as the other pieces were disintegrating as I tried to put on the plate.






After first visit I was asked for more pictures, did feel a bit odd taking them whilst people were sat there, but no-one complained. You can see it has a nice open plan feel, the big tables mean there is more room for patron’s than if there were tables suitable for 2-4 people. Plus going to these places alone, as I often do, I feel less of a loner when sharing a table.

WP_20140726_009 WP_20140726_010

The sign isn;t needed as the cafe is in Foyles, but it looks classy, nice older typewriter style.