Russell Square Cafe – Russell Square

This was a visit with my niece as she was down in London for a conference and I live their, so seemed a good fit really! As her conference started early we needed somewhere close by it that opened early, Russell Square Cafe, may also be called The Cafe on the Park, fitted the bill perfectly.

First thought’s on entering it was that pizza at 7 in the morning is just wrong, but there was one sat behind the counter. I had a decaf skinny latte and a croissant whilst Alice had a latte and eggs Benedict – I wasn’t up to trying anything so experimental!

It’s a rather laid back place, so when I collected the coffee there was no indication which was decaf and which was not, and I was a bit scared of the woman in charge so dare not ask, tasted like we got them the right way around though. Said coffee was really nice, very smooth, frothy but not excessively so. No sugar needed for me, Alice added a couple.

The breakfasts went down a treat, I could have done with a little butter but as I had not asked for any I deserved what I got!

It got busier as we sat there, loads of people walking dogs, many dogs also came in to the cafe, the staff did not care and seemed to know a lot of them, as I am now longer petrified of dogs I found that quite cute. And if I ever get a dog I will take it there for breakfast.

I’d like to take Kerry as she loves dogs so it will be a breakfast spot for us one day. Relaxed atmosphere, loads of space, nice view onto the park, excellent place while away time on a Saturday morning.


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