Giraffe Stop – King’s Cross Station

Kerry had an interview in London so we managed to grab a quick coffee before she departed north and as at the station Giraffe seemed a reasonable choice, mainly for the cool name.

She had a medium Americano and croissant, I asked for a decaf skinny latte, but no skinny option so had a slightly plumper decaf latter than hoped for, and a fruit scone with jam. Total price £7.45, which for an establishment at a station felt reasonable really.

Kerry’s coffee was very nice, she took her time and savoured it, and I was sat there thinking she wasn’t enjoying it! She said that her croissant was a bit dry, we were there around lunch time so her assumption is that it had been left out all morning.

My coffee was okay, nothing spectacular really, it wasn’t savoured, just drunk. The scone was nice, not had one for a while and didn’t have to use jam so took the small jar home – I don’t leave things I’ve paid for.

The place itself was nice, on a mezzanine level above the concourse. Kerry liked it overall wants go back, or to another of their establishments to try a burger, and I can try something different too, if she gets the job we could celebrate there!


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