Foyles – Charing Cross Road

Foyles has recently moved (all of 20 yards down the same road) and I never had the chance to experience the old cafe, so jumped in to the new one as soon as I could, not that it’s likely to move again.

My first impression when getting to the cafe was “what a lot of stairs” but there is a lift too which i used on the way down and will use going up in future. Second impression was that it was rather busy, and I was there on a Friday afternoon, I could see it being hellish on a Saturday morning.

I went for my new preferred drink of a choice, decaf skinny latte (£2.75) married up with a flapjack, not sure you can call it a slice, it was more of a slab/chunk/brick (although a soft brick).


Staff were friendly enough and there were a lot of them too, I don’t mind queuing when there are ample staff, it gets annoying when it’s one girl on her own and you know there are others hiding out back!

I found a seat on a large table, sharing with other is feeling more regular now and I like it as it’s much easier to be nosey and listen in on peoples chats. And see what they are eating too. My coffee was nice, nothing exceptional but had a strong flavour and not too frothy. The flapjack was rather nice too, although a bit too much really, may have been better to have smaller slices and a lower price (it was £2.95 for the beast), but I struggle through and ate it all, and the crumbs that it released too.

I will be going back again, it’s a book shop after all and I am a reader, although the books I read are in the lower ground floor so long way from the cafe, but worth the effort! And they will be having regular events and exhibitions which gives and extra excuse to pop along and happen upon a coffee at the same time.


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