Russell Square Cafe – Russell Square

This was a visit with my niece as she was down in London for a conference and I live their, so seemed a good fit really! As her conference started early we needed somewhere close by it that opened early, Russell Square Cafe, may also be called The Cafe on the Park, fitted the bill perfectly.

First thought’s on entering it was that pizza at 7 in the morning is just wrong, but there was one sat behind the counter. I had a decaf skinny latte and a croissant whilst Alice had a latte and eggs Benedict – I wasn’t up to trying anything so experimental!

It’s a rather laid back place, so when I collected the coffee there was no indication which was decaf and which was not, and I was a bit scared of the woman in charge so dare not ask, tasted like we got them the right way around though. Said coffee was really nice, very smooth, frothy but not excessively so. No sugar needed for me, Alice added a couple.

The breakfasts went down a treat, I could have done with a little butter but as I had not asked for any I deserved what I got!

It got busier as we sat there, loads of people walking dogs, many dogs also came in to the cafe, the staff did not care and seemed to know a lot of them, as I am now longer petrified of dogs I found that quite cute. And if I ever get a dog I will take it there for breakfast.

I’d like to take Kerry as she loves dogs so it will be a breakfast spot for us one day. Relaxed atmosphere, loads of space, nice view onto the park, excellent place while away time on a Saturday morning.


Pudding Pantry – Trinity Square

Second visit to this establishment and definitely deserves a second blog post. Again it was with Alice, my niece, but that is fine as gives another perspective of course. First change is they now have and outside seating area, like a small, but cool, sheep pen. I like to think it was my influence that got the seating area added but it probably wasn’t!

We had to wait a few minutes for a table, which is good as we’d rather it be busy than empty, support is the only way a place will survive no matter how amazing it is.

I had a bacon sandwich on white bread with home-made tomato ketchup with a decaf skinny latte whilst Alice had a chocolate milkshake and a goats cheese and caramelised onion quiche. She thought the milkshake was amazing, from where I was sat it looked quite thick – I am not a milkshake person but clearly made fresh and not just a powder added to milk!

My latte was lovely, when brought over the waitress said she wasn’t sure if it was decaf, and neither was I. turns out is wasn’t as about 30 minutes after drinking it I was like a gobby hummingbird! The bacon sandwich was one of the best I’ve had for a long time, the bacon was perfect thickness, not too much fat, added a small amount of the tomato ketchup just to finish it off. Would definitely have it again.


On the way out we spent some time salivating at the cakes, lemon meringue bites and raspberry marshmallow dipped in white chocolate drew my attention, but all the other looked good too, must be at least a dozen choices, and they are experimenting with new things so a good reason to go back when I can to see what appears.

Such a shame I can’t take this place down to London.


*** UPDATE ***

I went alone yesterday, it was not planned, I was walking past the street end and felt this pull and had no power to argue!

I had a decaf espresso and a chocolate and salted caramel brownie. I used to drink espresso and am trying to train myself to drink it again, this may not have been the time to have one thought, it was rather too strong for me, or i am too soft to cope with it. Added 2 sugars but was ultimately defeated!


The brownie was amazing, it looks massive on the picture, and it was! The fork was needed as it was soft and sticky, the caramel was salted perfectly, as not as sweet as a standard chocolate brownie it felt far less unhealthy!


Could be my last visit there before the London move becomes permanent, but hope not!

Giraffe Stop – King’s Cross Station

Kerry had an interview in London so we managed to grab a quick coffee before she departed north and as at the station Giraffe seemed a reasonable choice, mainly for the cool name.

She had a medium Americano and croissant, I asked for a decaf skinny latte, but no skinny option so had a slightly plumper decaf latter than hoped for, and a fruit scone with jam. Total price £7.45, which for an establishment at a station felt reasonable really.

Kerry’s coffee was very nice, she took her time and savoured it, and I was sat there thinking she wasn’t enjoying it! She said that her croissant was a bit dry, we were there around lunch time so her assumption is that it had been left out all morning.

My coffee was okay, nothing spectacular really, it wasn’t savoured, just drunk. The scone was nice, not had one for a while and didn’t have to use jam so took the small jar home – I don’t leave things I’ve paid for.

The place itself was nice, on a mezzanine level above the concourse. Kerry liked it overall wants go back, or to another of their establishments to try a burger, and I can try something different too, if she gets the job we could celebrate there!

Foyles – Charing Cross Road

Foyles has recently moved (all of 20 yards down the same road) and I never had the chance to experience the old cafe, so jumped in to the new one as soon as I could, not that it’s likely to move again.

My first impression when getting to the cafe was “what a lot of stairs” but there is a lift too which i used on the way down and will use going up in future. Second impression was that it was rather busy, and I was there on a Friday afternoon, I could see it being hellish on a Saturday morning.

I went for my new preferred drink of a choice, decaf skinny latte (£2.75) married up with a flapjack, not sure you can call it a slice, it was more of a slab/chunk/brick (although a soft brick).


Staff were friendly enough and there were a lot of them too, I don’t mind queuing when there are ample staff, it gets annoying when it’s one girl on her own and you know there are others hiding out back!

I found a seat on a large table, sharing with other is feeling more regular now and I like it as it’s much easier to be nosey and listen in on peoples chats. And see what they are eating too. My coffee was nice, nothing exceptional but had a strong flavour and not too frothy. The flapjack was rather nice too, although a bit too much really, may have been better to have smaller slices and a lower price (it was £2.95 for the beast), but I struggle through and ate it all, and the crumbs that it released too.

I will be going back again, it’s a book shop after all and I am a reader, although the books I read are in the lower ground floor so long way from the cafe, but worth the effort! And they will be having regular events and exhibitions which gives and extra excuse to pop along and happen upon a coffee at the same time.

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