Bar Italia – Frith Street


Hopefully the next posting will be as a duo again, but this one, alas, is just me.

Bar Italia is a bit of an institution, it has been around since just after the war and has that feel of a well established place, no heirs and graces, just friendly staff and good coffee. I had a latte and this weird little croissant thing, £4.20, anything under a fiver when alone seems reasonable.

The coffee was superb, could have sat and drunk it all day, so smooth, and I am getting used to drinking coffee from a glass now, feels less odd than it first did. The croissant thing was crunchy and full of chocolate, tasted rather like Nutella, nice and soft, just enough to keep me going without being too sweet or filling.


The place is relaxed and has that air of coolness, I chose to sit outside so I could watch people pass and listen to customers talking, being generally nosey. Being in Soho it is one of the more interesting places to people watch, but at 10:30 on a Monday morning it wasn’t too busy. Inside there are typically Italian things on the wall, signed cycling and football jerseys, etc. giving an air of time rather than forcing a theme.

Kerry would love the al fresco nosiness aspect of the place, not so sure about the coffee, as posted previously (I think) she had admitted to preferring places she knows rather than go somewhere new, but I am working on that, and we will be visiting here together.

As well as being a great place for coffee they also do more substantial meals, so may be a place we will try out for a lunch one day.

My only small gripe – which say much about how English I am – is that the food was not labelled, not really bothered about the prices but would have liked to know what each thing was, and too English to ask of course. I will try to get over that next time.


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