Rapha – Brewer Street

I finally went back to Rapha, there was some soul searching after previous visits, but as it’s had a change around it seemed a fair idea.

The newly extended eating area is okay, same style as before just a lot more space. As it was early I had a latte and pain au chocolat, something simple, yet reassuringly expensive at £5.50.

The coffee was stunning, the barrista seemed really disinterested in his job as I sat and watched him for a while, but he has skills. A smooth and not too bitter affair, not sure what the bean was – they used to tell you, maybe they decided that was a touch too pretentious? The pain au chocolat was okay, a little crisp but not too much chocolate.

The staff were friendly and busy, the place wasn’t too busy, just a few guys dotted about – all guys, sure ladies do frequent the place, mostly with men I would guess, a very man place.

I am still unsure about Rapha though, maybe I am still too young to buy into the whole thing, I don’t fancy spending hundreds of pounds on cycling kit, I wasn’t mega happy at spending £5.50 for breakfast! It’s hard though because the coffee is brilliant, if in fairly small amounts – although they seem to have ditched the glasses for proper cups now.WP_20140609_002

And if you enjoy the cup you can buy one, with saucer, for £45…


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