Grind – Westfield, Stratford City

Another solo post I am afraid, the fair Kerry should be back with a vengeance for a trip next weekend, but this, and the next couple, were on my own again.

My first thoughts on this place were that it can’t be an independent, not being based in a massive shopping centre, but after subsequent research it does appear to be just that, so fair play to them. I opted for a decaf skinny latte – i am trying out skinny now to balance out adding sugar so often – and an Afghan biscuit. £4.70 which seems about right really.

WP_20140607_003Not entirely sure what an Afghan biscuit is/was, as can be seen from the picture it features chocolate and a bit of walnut, the biscuit itself didn’t seem to taste of anything as the topping was quite thick and so took over any flavour that was there. It was okay though, nothing special.

The coffee looked pretty and tasted nice, sugar added, stirring once again destroyed the pretty pattern. Not too strong, or hot really, although i was messing about with the biscuit and my phone which could have taken the heat from the drink.


The place itself is open and spacious, variety of seating options, although the sofa’s were guarded by those already positioned, defending the leather to the death. The staff were friendly, bit strange that although not that busy they deliver your coffee to you, or try to, I wasn’t the only one who had to get the waitresses attention and steer her the right way, maybe some kind of device to indicate who gets what, like a flag, or table number, would help her out.

Although nothing particularly special I could see myself visiting again, just to try to bag a sofa and smugly take up the whole thing.

As a postscript I have researched their website and the Afghan biscuit is “A New Zealand favourite chocolate biscuit, with added icing and a signature walnut on top” which makes sense as to why they have the big white feather on the wall, they have Kiwi origins, probably.



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