Everbean – Avery Row

I was just ambling around as it was a lovely sunny day, and when ambling I like to explore those little alleys and side roads that normally get rushed past. My only aim was to buy socks (mission accomplished) but I knew there had to a be a coffee stop too. It was a solo coffee as Kerry was in Nottingham, so coffee and cake, no kisses.

I was aiming roughly towards Rapha as it has had it’s cafe extended and refurbished and I’ve not tried it since, but as I passed an alleyway I saw a sign saying “hand made cakes” and so I followed it. I found the cafe easily and went straight in. Lots of cakes on offer so I stood and admired for a few moments whilst thinking what to have.

Everything looked amazing but I opted for a fruit scone as I was in the mood for something a little less sweet, and a large latte, didn’t consider asking for decaf as I wanted the extra kick! Total price was £4.20, a bargain really.

The coffee was very nice – I was trying to be good and not have sugar, but I relented and added 1 spoonful, the coffee was just a touch too bitter without for my taste buds. One problem with adding sugar is it destroys the pretty pattern on top of the drink.

The scone was very nice indeed, soft and light, clearly hand made. Butter is a guilty pleasure, but as the scone came with it I would be churlish to refuse of course.

The cafe itself is really nice – seating in the window in an arc to follow the shape and a large table which dominates the area, if you have 7/8 friends you could take it over, or if alone just share with any other occupants – big table meant more room for reading the paper, a very good selection on offer too. Couple of tables outside and a small mezzanine too – Kerry would have opted for that so she could people watch from on high.

The staff were friendly and busy without making me feel in any way rushed or in the way. I will be visiting again, whether alone or with Kerry in tow as it is a really relaxing place to sit and enjoy a coffee and snack and let time just flow.


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