The Pudding Pantry – Trinity Square

This is Nottingham’s newest coffee shop and was the idea of my niece for our meet up. It has only been open a few weeks and it definitely has that aura of newness around it. Alice has a pot of Earl Grey tea and pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, I had a pot of English Breakfast tea and a lemon curd bearclaw. The tea was nice, tea usually is – and as it’s in a pot if not nice then that would be our own fault, the milk bottle was a cool touch, size they used to provide for children at school I’m almost certain.WP_20140503_012   I’ve never had a bearclaw before, never even seen one ‘live’ before just seen them on American TV/films, but I was impressed – like the bottom of an eccles cake folded into a Cornish Pasty shape (not sure that is the standard shape but it works for me) with lemon curd inside. And freshly made that morning too – as all their food is. I wanted another right away, but that would make me a little piggy. And it was on a cute plate. WP_20140503_011

Alice loved her pancakes, freshly made again, and said she could have had them again, and probably again after that. As well as food and drinks we ordered they brought a bottle of water too, a nice touch even if not used.

We will hopefully be visiting again, friendly staff, nice open and light place, reasonably priced. Tables outside would be nice but not sure if they are allowed in the area they are based but that would be like a cherry on the cherry of an already superb cake.


2 thoughts on “The Pudding Pantry – Trinity Square

  1. Hello Thank you for your wonderful review,

    And just to let you know we have launched out outside seating this week, I hope you could join us again soon.

    Anthony Quinn
    The Pudding Pantry

    • Anthony

      We will be visiting next weekend for sure, so much on the menu still to try out, and outside seating if warm enough!


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