Hungry Pumpkin – High Pavement

This trip was made with niece rather than girlfriend, and could well be one of my last Nottingham coffee experiences, if so a delightful way to end. I have walked past the place many times, always meaning to go in, but it always felt the wrong time, it is in a nice area, but not one I’d pass at a time I wanted a break.

I had a decaf latte whilst Alice had a normal latte, we both opted for a bakewell slice too, ridiculously cheap – less than £8! And you get a small biscuit with drinks too.

The coffee’s were really nice, Alice is a professional tea drinker so to opt for a latte was a surprise, but she enjoyed it nonetheless. Mine was very nice, smooth and creamy, no sugar needed.

The bakewell slices were very nice, it was very difficult but I ate mine as slowly as I could to savour it for as long as I could. Clearly made on site and that day, very soft with the perfect ration of jam to cake to almond in my humble opinion.

It is not the biggest place, but big enough, and with a nice view of the church and friendly staff. Even when the only people there it didn’t feel empty or odd, like some places do with no other patrons.


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