Sacred Cafe – Long Acre

This is a small cafe situated at the back of Staffords book shop – an amazing book shop and a decent watering hole too.

Kerry went down a more lunch related route by opting for tomato and basil soup with crusty bread and a can of orange juice. I had a decaf latte and a slice of lollipop cake…

The soup was nice, I tried it and could only agree with that, it seemed very freshly made, very filling indeed. Staff offered various different breads too, nice and friendly, more smiling, they are contagious as I hope you all know!

Nothing that can really be said about a tin of fizzy pop, they don’t really vary much from place to place, as long as not shook up and cold then what more can you ask!

My latte was good, a slight kick so sugar was added just to take the edge off a little bit. The lollipop cake was odd, not sure what was in it, seemed a little too hard for marshmallow, and it didn’t really taste of much, looked quite pretty though.

Picture 006

It’s a small place so there was a rather un-English thing happening – table sharing, obviously no-one complained, that will have been done internally as we don’t talk about things like that! I am sure we will be going back, not for lollipop cake though, too look at books and see what other foods are available.


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