Tate Modern

There are a couple of places to eat and drink at the Tate Modern, we visited the highest such eatery as we wanted the view, and it was amazing, weather was a little overcast but still a good view and you don’t have to be a customer to enjoy it, people where just sat looking out whilst others ate picnic they had taken in – not sure if that’s strictly allowed though.

I had a decaf latte and a raspberry and coconut slice whilst Kerry had an Americano and a croissant, total of £10.10 seems about right for London so no complaints there.

The latte was amazing; very smooth and not in the least bitter, no sugar needed. It had started well as the barista cleaned that little scopp for the grounds with a brush before adding the decaf to it. It wasn’t a huge cup, but that wasn’t to be expected at a more genteel type of place, and it tasted so good I sipped and savored for as long as I could.

The raspberry and coconut slice was really nice – I wasn’t sure I would like it as I don’t know if I like coconut (my only experience with it is in coconut ring biscuits). It had a similarity to a bakewell tart, although with less pastry and coconut on top rather than almond. It crumbled in the mouth though and was the right size to be an enjoyable snack.

Kerry liked her coffee but for some odd reason it went cold rather quickly, maybe she was staring at the view too long, not sure! Her croissant was really nice but she was disappointed there was no butter to add to it, at least the staff there are friendly enough to ask.

There is a restaurant adjacent to the snack area and the menu looked reasonable, massive place too but need to get there are a decent time to get a window seat I would guess. With there being a restaurant there is also a bar for those who fancy something stronger than coffee.

I am sure we will visit again when passing that way, nice to sit and watch the passing river traffic, and to see some art if so inclined, I visited the Mark Rothko exhibits as I have a weird fascination with him and his darkness, maybe should have done that before coffee though.


I have recently been back to this establishment, it was as much for the view over the Thames and the city beyond as a coffee, although it was exceptional, as was the white chocolate and raspberry muffin.


Reasonably quiet on a Saturday morning too, will make sure Kerry and I go there for a breakfast in the restaurant side once fully moved to London.

Rothko after coffee was a bad idea again! Will I ever learn, art first, coffee later.


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