Cookies and Scream – Camden Market

Kerry opted for an Americano which I had a latte – no decaf though, I did ask nicely but their machine does not do them I was told. We also had a boswer to share. All told it was £6.80, which seemed a little expensive as I couldn’t work out the difference between prices on board and what we paid!

This was the first coffee toting establishment (of a non chain variety) that we saw at the market and I was craving a coffee by that stage, so we were committed. That commitment waned a little once trying to place an order with the staff…

No decaf mean sugar was likely to be added to my coffee, Kerry opted for regular Americano of course. Both were with soya milk – as we were told they were a vegan cafe; this is not the place for me to rant against ‘those’ people though. It was vegan and gluten free – last gluten free cake I had was fairly horrendous.

The latte was not to my taste, far too bitter and strong, added 4 sugars and it was still very strong and only just drinkable.

Kerry’s Americano was okay – she was reticent because of the “weird” milk – her word not mine. She would have liked a little extra milk, not for the lovely taste of soya but to make it a bit weaker, but she was to scared to ask, as was I!

The bowser (half brownie half biscuit) was very different. Kerry found it rather sickly – she liked the biscuit part most. I like the whole thing, the combination of squashy and crunchy worked well and balanced each other well.

Very doubtful we would go there again, there was 1 biscuit I want to try, but can get that and there go somewhere else for the coffee. Staff seemed very skilled in baking but not in customer service, almost like customers got in the way, they may have picked up on my aversion to vegan types! but we were not the only one’s who got a short shift by them. It was quite entertaining though!


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