Nordic Bakery – Golden Square

We had been into this establishment once before, but just to buy a cookie whilst passing, this was our first sit down with drinks and food visit – and not our last.

I had the usual decaf latte whilst Kerry opted for an Americano – we are both wildly adventurous! On the snack side Kerry had a cinnamon bun whilst I decided to try a blueberry bun. The full order was delivered to our table quickly and with a smile – smiles are good, more people should wear them.

Picture 027

My latte was very smooth and the perfect strength – no added sugar, just a couple of stirs to cool it down. The blueberry bun was interesting – firstly it was not blue. I was a blueberry virgin at that point so had no from of reference, but I am still puzzled by the colour. I also question it’s claim to be a bun, it was far more like a large tart, or very large (yet soft) biscuit. Given all that it did take rather nice, and will mean I do not ignore blueberry based snacks in future.

Kerry enjoyed her coffee too, it was strong so after a few sips to make space a second tiny jug or milk was requested, strength is down to personal choice, although it is easier to adjust the strength of an Americano that a latte (more to follow on that in a future post).

She enjoyed the cinnamon bun, she did choose it thinking it would be more like a Chelsea bun, but it was far crisper than those tend to be, she enjoyed the soft inside and I helped with the crisp outside layer, not sure she’d have one of those again, but there were enough alternatives to not make that a deal breaker.

The place itself is nice, simple décor, clean, friendly staff (and all seemed appropriately Nordic too) and we felt no rush to move on. The menu did seem a touch limited but we will make future visits to see how that changes, that wont feel a chore at all. I can see it becoming my ‘go to’ coffee when in that area.



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