Lee Rosy’s Tea


This establishment is a little way out of the city centre, by about 5 minutes, so no reason not to go there. As you can tell by the name it offers tea, lots of tea, if you are a tea lover or more experimental with drinks then you can stand and decided which of the dozen of flavours to try – but blog is called COFFEE and Cake, not Tea and Cake.

I had Boston Mud Cake and a decaf latte, Kerry had an Americano and Apple Cake, total was £8.80, so pretty reasonable and cake slices where the right size, not too much or too little. Same with the coffees.

Kerry’s coffee was nice, and the take was amazing, apple in the cake, in the buttercream and on top, looked a bit like a pineapple upside down cake. Not too sweet or sickly and she’d definitely have it again. Very fresh and had a handmade look to it, which is something to be appreciated.

My decaf latte was very nice, a little weak but that’s better than too bitter. The Boston Mud Cake was nice, good and soft, layer of chocolate on top was not too thick or too thin.

The place itself is very nice, depending on the customers it could be seen as dangerously hip, but there was only one quirky hat on show so we were safe. Well worth a trip as previously mentioned.



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