Thea Caffea – Enfield Chambers

This is a reasonably well hidden cafe/restaurant but is still reasonably busy. It is of a slightly higher class to many places in Nottingham so a nice change of pace really. I went for a pot of breakfast tea and toasted Lincolnshire plum loaf, Kerry had a cafetiere of coffee for one and a bacon roll. Both drinks were served with the appropriate cups and saucers, and I got a tea strainer too.

The tea was very nice, a little over three cups worth and only forgot the strain once and then only ended up with one loose leaf to avoid eating. It was really nice, proper quality tea which I do enjoy for a change. Kerry’s coffee was lovely, again more than three cups worth from the cafetiere.

The bacon roll was nice, bacon not to fatty for her (doesn’t like the fat so there is always a slight delay whilst the bacon is edited to her satisfaction). My plum loaf was really nice, two slices, not the biggest but reasonably thick and with proper butter with had melted in to it.

Total cost was £11.05 which is about par for the type of place and what we had. The place itself is bright and spacious, helpful and friendly staff, we hope to visit again and delve deeper into the menu.


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