Thea Caffea – Enfield Chambers

This is a reasonably well hidden cafe/restaurant but is still reasonably busy. It is of a slightly higher class to many places in Nottingham so a nice change of pace really. I went for a pot of breakfast tea and toasted Lincolnshire plum loaf, Kerry had a cafetiere of coffee for one and a bacon roll. Both drinks were served with the appropriate cups and saucers, and I got a tea strainer too.

The tea was very nice, a little over three cups worth and only forgot the strain once and then only ended up with one loose leaf to avoid eating. It was really nice, proper quality tea which I do enjoy for a change. Kerry’s coffee was lovely, again more than three cups worth from the cafetiere.

The bacon roll was nice, bacon not to fatty for her (doesn’t like the fat so there is always a slight delay whilst the bacon is edited to her satisfaction). My plum loaf was really nice, two slices, not the biggest but reasonably thick and with proper butter with had melted in to it.

Total cost was £11.05 which is about par for the type of place and what we had. The place itself is bright and spacious, helpful and friendly staff, we hope to visit again and delve deeper into the menu.


Caffe Nero – Carrington Street

This a recent addition to the Caffe Nero family in Nottingham, it used to be a restaurant so is of a decent size, and as we went on a Sunday it was rather quiet too. I had a decaf latte whilst Kerry had an Americano and a croissant, then a second croissant.

Kerry’s Americano was lovely and the croissant’s were gorgeous – hence going back for seconds – they were very buttery even before butter was liberally spread over the top, butter portions are 10p a pop which I do begrudge paying a little bit.

My latte was lovely, I have found Caffe Nero to be somewhat hit and miss, sometimes it has been far too bitter for me but this time it was really nice, creamy and smooth. I got a brownie as I wasn’t too hungry and thought I could take half of it with me (I was on the way to catch a train) but it was rather nice and didn’t last very long.

The cafe itself is large and spacious, clean and bright, staff were friendly and quick too. It is positioned outside of the main shopping drag, near the train station, so nice place to sit and people watch. A place we will probably end up visiting again I think.

White Rabbit – Bridlesmith Walk

This was a slightly different trip, all trips have been with Kerry previously but this time I had a replacement drinking buddy, my niece Alice. We’ve been meaning to go to White Rabbit for over a year and finally managed it last week.

I had a breakfast tea and a scone with butter and jam. The tea was very nice, but as I went for the most standard of teas (flavoured tea worries me for some reason!) there was very little that could have been wrong with it. The scone was lovely, nice and warm, proper butter and strawberry jam in a dish with a tiny spoon.

We both appreciate a proper tea pot and we both managed about 3 cups, so the price of about £12 was reasonable really. The tea spoons were silver plated and the kind your granny may collect and hang on the wall, just a nice touch really, a bit of quality.


Alice had Earl Grey tea with a slice of raspberry Victoria sponge. Her cake was delicious, nice to have a raspberry filling rather than strawberry, and good portion size too. The Earl Grey was also nice, nice to be modern enough to not have tea leaves and strainers, but to still have proper china cups. Alice also enjoyed my tiny jam spoon, we are a simple folk and so such a posh addition will always impress.

The place itself is really nice, a little tucked away and it felt like a secret not many people knew. There were rabbits on the wallpaper and the salt and pepper pots, but it was still tasteful, not just any rabbits they could find. We sat inside but there were a couple of table outside, and even though is is in a small arcade it would still be nippy at times and there were rugs on the chairs, which was a nice little touch.

I am sure we will be back, I may take Kerry too, although she isn’t a fan of mis-matched crockery but I am certain the selection of cakes would motivate her to overlook that.