Marks & Spencer – Albert Street

Another one to cross off the list of establishments we’d yet to try coffee at, and I was more than pleasantly surprised to be honest. I opted for the usual decaf latte (medium for £2.45) whilst Kerry had an Americano (medium for £2.00) and we both went for the chocolate cake with salted caramel (£2.75), so just under £10 all in, and you got a tiny Christmas tree shaped biscuit with the coffees.

The coffee’s were a really good size, put some places (Wired) to shame, the large must be like a bucket! The latte was nice and smooth and not too frothy, I’d have theirs again for sure. Kerry enjoyed her’s too, says it wasn’t amazing but she would have it again.


And then there is the chocolate cake…. it was superb, not too rich and sickly, moist and the perfect balance of sponge to filling / cream. The filling was salted caramel and was a new experience for both of us and really worked, had it been ‘normal’ caramel it may have made the cake overly sweet. The butter-cream icing was lovely too, had tiny chocolate balls on it and a solid icing thing on top.

The cafe itself was simple, clean and spacious, maybe inhabited by a more elderly clientèle than some places but that’s not a bad thing really, they are quieter than young people and less likely to have annoying children!



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