Charlie’s Coffee Bar – Castle Gate

I stumbled across this place a coup,e of months ago but saved visiting it until I was with Kerry. Even though it is close to the city centre it doesn’t get a huge amount of passing traffic, so is it worth taking a small detour and giving it your patronage?

Kerry had a large flat white coffee and a bacon roll, I had a decaf latte and an odd shortcrust biscuit layer strawberry jam thing. Total price was just £7.25, which seems very low indeed, but wasn’t wrong!

My latte was lovely, frothy and smooth. The biscuit thing was nice too, wasn’t sure why I had it as I am not a big strawberry jam fan but I opted for something a bit different and I got that. Kerry’s coffee was nice and the bacon roll was lovely, it had proper butter and a good thick layer of bacon.

The place itself is really nice, it is large, bright and spacious. Staff were friendly too, think it was mother and daughter, service wasn’t instant but we were not in a rush and sat for quite a while eating, drinking, chatting and reading the papers, never felt rushed to leave although I do wish I’d ordered a second latte. At most 3 tables were occupied during the hour we were there, which was a bit of a shame as even though I wouldn’t want it to be heaving it would be nice to see it flourishing as wouldn’t want it to close down. We’ll be going back, much more preferable to a chain coffee shop when given the option.


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