Wired Cafe Bar – Pelham Street

This is a new little cafe in the centre of Nottingham, we aimed to go on Sunday but they were not open, not a good start. But luckily they do open on a Friday.

First impressions were good, it was tidy and bright, not huge but that didn’t matter as there were table available. I had a decaf latte and a nanino (not sure what it wasn’t looked interesting) whilst Kerry had a flat white coffee and a flapjack. Total price was just a little over £9, so about the average price really.

Kerry’s coffee was all right, not as nice as other places we’ve been too and it did remind her a little of that in Rapha – her barometer for the sort of coffee she isn’t keen on. My latte was okay, nothing spectacular, quite bitter and not in a good way, maybe more burnt than bitter. Even though we opted for a large the size left something be desired, not sure of the mugs volume but seemed smaller than the ones we have at home.

The flapjack was really nice, very soft and sticky, and a nice sized portion too. The nanino was very nice, even after eating it I am not sure what it was, similar to a caramel shortbread but with the caramel being replaced with something else.

Staff were friendly and service was quick, place had a nice relaxed ambience until someone came in with loud kids. Not sure it’s a place we’d rush back too, coffee was just not quite as nice as we would like sadly.


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