Le Petit Four (LP4) – Kings Walk

We planned to visit a specific cafe today, one which opened only recently, but when we got there is was shut. Went to another which was on our ‘unvisited’ list but it was closed. Ah Nottingham, I do hate you so, people complain about chain coffee shops but at least they are open at 3 p.m. on a Sunday.

We ended up at Le Petit Four, or LP4, not sure exactly what it is called, but it was open at least and is one from the list of cafes less travelled to.

Table service, which was nice, are staff were nice, staff singular as there was only one guy working, and as we were the only customers that didn’t matter of course. I had a decaf latte and a white chocolate and raspberry muffin whilst Kerry had a ground coffee and a chocolate twist. Total price a staggering £8.65, but more of that later…

The latte was odd, the word I used at the time to describe it was boring, and that sums it up, it was inoffensive and just dull. The muffin was nice enough, it was warm and that was unexpected but not un-tasty, one thing is did lack was white chocolate, think there was the hint of a wisp in the first bite and nothing else. There was raspberry luckily, easier to spot – being red.

Kerry’s coffee was really nice, she isn’t really one to go for the less traditional blends of flavours (such as the Ethiopian beans on offer from Rapha – which is her example for bad coffee) and prefers a taste similar to what she would make at home herself. The chocolate twist was okay, nothing else jumped out at her but she was pleasantly surprised and would have it again. It was warm too, not as warm as the muffin though.

The place was okay, a clean cafe with comfy chairs, good location as we could sit and watch loads of people walk past in the wind and rain whilst staying dry and warm ourselves. The issue I have is the price; if we had taken away the same items it would have cost £5.13, it is 53% more expensive to eat a muffin in the restaurant than outside it. I realise there are costs involved in running a cafe and most places charge more for eating in that taking away, but I have never noticed it being that much of a difference.

I wont be rushing back, got others still to visit – should they ever be open when we pass – and the pricing issue wound me up a little, I will say that is due to the principle involved rather than me being tight.


2 thoughts on “Le Petit Four (LP4) – Kings Walk

  1. Hartleys is always open on Sundays 10am-4pm. Normally the difference in price for eating in or taking away is 20%, due to VAT, not 53% – that to me shows a chain being greedy.

    • Hartley’s is a nice place, although as weird as this sounds it is a bit too clean! We visited in the summer and may well visit again, although there are others to try before I move.

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