Look Mum No Hands! – Old Street

This place has been on my radar ever since I heard of it, a bike shop/workshop and a cafe in one, two of my favourite things in the same place. It’s not located in the most salubrious area of London but that goes in it’s favour as it takes a little more effort to get to than other more hip places I wont name.

I had a decaf latte whilst Kerry had an Americano, and we both had bacon rolls, not often our orders synchronise so closely. Kerry’s Americano was really nice, no white sugar for her yet still she loved it, a kudos point there for sure.

My latte was really nice, smoothly bitter – if that’s possible. 

The bacon roll was stunning, although I love bacon I don’t have it often but it was a great choice. There was a lot of bacon, organic bacon, and it was very tasty, added a little ketchup for flavour. It was on a buttered ciabatta and that wasn’t too hard, as I often find ciabatta to be.

The staff were really friendly and chatty but without being overly friendly. The place itself is cool, great decor – pretty much all cycling related of course. My expectations were high and they were still blown away. We will be going back as soon as we can get back down to London, it was a great place to have our last coffee in the capital.


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