Krispy Kreme – Selfridges

I’ve been wanting to go to a Krispy Kreme for a while but they are few and far between around us, or non existent to be accurate. We stood and admired the selection for quite a while before carefully making our selections. Kerry had an Americano and a caramel crunch doughnut whilst I had a decaf latte and a lemon meringue doughnut.


I do not recall what the coffee tasted like, I am sure it was nice, but I only had eyes for the doughnut. I am quite ashamed to ask but I have never had a doughnut before, and I am not a child! It was an amazing way to lose my doughnut virginity, how you go about making a lemon meringue doughnut I do not know but it was crisp meringue on top and inside soft meringue and lemon curd. I wanted to go back and get more but that would be naughty.

Kerry’s coffee was okay, not especially nice, she thought it tasted quite cheap and thinks the focus was on the doughnut, not horrible but just a coffee. The caramel crisp doughnut was lovely too, a little sickly but the best doughnut Kerry has ever had – and she has had more than 1 before.

Apart from Krispy Kreme we do not like Selfridges, and they need more seating in the food hall area for the next time we go, and that will be as soon as we are in London again.


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