Druckers – Victoria Centre

No point in wasting too many words but we thought we’d give Druckers another go, benefit of the doubt and all that. We shouldn’t though! I had decaf latte and a Baumkuchen, Kerry had an Americano and a croissant.

Both coffee’s were okay, a little bitter but that’s okay after a little sugar is added anyway. The Baumkuchen was very nice, but the croissant was pretty much stale. After the last time we complained it seemed like far too much of an effort so we’ll just avoid the place from now on.

Such a shame as we did really like the place, but if they quality slips then we’ll vote with our feet. Not the places fault but there was a really odd guy sat to the side of us and he just stared at Kerry the whole time we were there so she didn’t feel comfortable. Maybe it was good that we didn’t hang around too long.


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