Atlas – Pelham Street

We have passed this establishment pretty much every day as it is on the walk to and from work, and had it on our mental list to visit but have only just got around to it. Shame we had left it so long as it’s a nice place.

I had a latte and something the name of which I forget, it was fruit and seeds and chocolate though, whilst Kerry had an Americano an chocolate brownie. Not the cheapest we have come across at £9.20, especially as the coffee’s were not huge.

My latte was nice, a little bitter but nice flavour, wish I had gone for a large but didn’t know the size of the regular before it arrived. The thing I had to eat was lovely though. Kerry’s coffee was nice too, the brownie was the best she’s had, it was a little a dry all the way through, no chewiness underneath.

The place itself is very nice, light and well spaced out, has an outside table if you are so inclined (was too cold for that though!) and has a generally chilled out atmosphere. I think we’ll go again at some stage, maybe try one of the hand-crafted sandwiches, or which there seemed to be an infinite combination.


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