Balthazar – Russell Street

This is a very cool little place just off Covent Garden, really small and only a couple of seats and very warm inside but we wanted to sit in Covent Garden anyway and so that wasn’t an issue. I had a latte and a flourless chocolate cake, Kerry had an Americano and a slice of chocolate cake.

The staff were really good, they didn’t rush, the time taken made the difference to the coffee flavours I think. They also have very cool takeaway cups.

My latte was lovely, really smooth and very hot indeed. The flourless cake was odd, it was very stodgy and had far too many nuts for my liking. Kerry’s Americano was nice too and she really enjoyed it. Her chocolate cake had a nice flavour although it was slightly dry on the edge and the cocoa powder on top wasn’t lightly dusted but shovelled on, I tried some and it made me cough.



Cafe at St Paul’s – St Paul’s Cathederal

Kerry had an Aemericano and chocolate muffin, I went for a pot of tea for 1 and a scone with jam and butter (rather than cream). Total price was only £7.30 as well, a bargain.

The Americano was really nice, as was the chocolate muffin, there was a small question over the taste as Kerry thought there was a hint of almond to the cake but I couldn’t detect any. My tea was nice, tea is tea really, but got 3 cups from the pot so that was a good deal. The scone was lovely, having ‘real’ butter just makes everything better.

The cafe itself is in the crypt under the cathedral and makes for a very selective set of surroundings, decoration is minimal of course. The customer service is excellent too, and it’s definitely a place we would like to visit again.

Euphorium Bakery – Thomas Neal Centre (Covent Garden)

I had a decaf latte and a chocolate tart, Kerry had an Americano and fruit cheesecake, a little expensive at £12.70 in total but it is London of course, although prices in other places were far more reasonable.

The decaf latte was really nice, beautifully smooth. Kerry’s Americano was nice too. Her fruit cheesecake was blueberry and she really liked it but it was a little sickly, wasn’t massive but the cheesecake layer was too much for her.


The chocolate tart was really nice, hard and top and gooey underneath with a crisp pastry, perfection.

The place itself was a little messy, looked like they needed more staff to actually clear tables and keep the general area a little more suitable for eating and drinking at. Good entertainment too as a family got stuck in the lift!


Eat – Bankside

Ever since we first went to Eat back in may I have wanted to go back, I have gone on about it quite regularly and so it had to be the first place we visited once getting back to London. Therefore the expectations were higher than they probably should be.

I had a decaf latte and the lusted after lemon curd slice, Kerry had an Americano and a chocolate caramel crispie. The latte was okay, the lemon curd slice amazing as I thought it would be. Kerry’s Americano was okay too, the chocolate caramel crispie she didn’t really enjoy, there was nothing wrong with it but she is no fan of dark chocolate and there was a little too much of that for her. We carefully wrapped it and I ate it for breakfast a couple of days later – I really liked it too.


The place was a little run down, maybe it gets too busy? The location is prime, right on the Thames footpath and perfect for people watching, and during our visit dog watching, a dog with wheels no less…


I am sure we will be going to other Eats at some stage, but the bubble has been popped so my expectations wont be quite so high next time.

Druckers – Victoria Centre

No point in wasting too many words but we thought we’d give Druckers another go, benefit of the doubt and all that. We shouldn’t though! I had decaf latte and a Baumkuchen, Kerry had an Americano and a croissant.

Both coffee’s were okay, a little bitter but that’s okay after a little sugar is added anyway. The Baumkuchen was very nice, but the croissant was pretty much stale. After the last time we complained it seemed like far too much of an effort so we’ll just avoid the place from now on.

Such a shame as we did really like the place, but if they quality slips then we’ll vote with our feet. Not the places fault but there was a really odd guy sat to the side of us and he just stared at Kerry the whole time we were there so she didn’t feel comfortable. Maybe it was good that we didn’t hang around too long.

Atlas – Pelham Street

We have passed this establishment pretty much every day as it is on the walk to and from work, and had it on our mental list to visit but have only just got around to it. Shame we had left it so long as it’s a nice place.

I had a latte and something the name of which I forget, it was fruit and seeds and chocolate though, whilst Kerry had an Americano an chocolate brownie. Not the cheapest we have come across at £9.20, especially as the coffee’s were not huge.

My latte was nice, a little bitter but nice flavour, wish I had gone for a large but didn’t know the size of the regular before it arrived. The thing I had to eat was lovely though. Kerry’s coffee was nice too, the brownie was the best she’s had, it was a little a dry all the way through, no chewiness underneath.

The place itself is very nice, light and well spaced out, has an outside table if you are so inclined (was too cold for that though!) and has a generally chilled out atmosphere. I think we’ll go again at some stage, maybe try one of the hand-crafted sandwiches, or which there seemed to be an infinite combination.