John Lewis – The Victoria Centre

Lazy Sunday morning and opted for John Lewis, we’ve been to the small cafe before but this time we went to the big restaurant instead – more options and space.

I had a decaf latte (£2.30), fruit toast (£1.95) and chocolate brownie(£2.35) (I’d been out on my bike and so was hungry and allowed more calories), Kerry had a white Americano (£2.20) and a bacon sandwich (£3.95) on white bread. The bacon sandwich seemed a little expensive really, same price as you pay in on a train in First Class, and there they have no competition.

The fruit toast was lovely, nice and hot so the butter melted into it easily. Not sure how fruit toast is made as both slices are ‘crusts’ which helps them keep the integrity better. The latte was really smooth and not at all bitter, only complaint is the size, not sure they do different sizes, didn’t see the option on the menu. The chocolate brownie ‘pudding’ was really nice, not freshly made but very nice and moist.

Kerry’s bacon sandwich was nice, not amazing as she’d have preferred it in a bun/baguette, and for the price would rather have gone to Greggs for one, or two as you could get two for the price you pay at John Lewis. Her Americano was nice, no more detail than that.

The restaurant is very big, with comfy chairs and if you choose carefully quite a nice view across a part of the city, because it’s big there didn’t feel to be a rush to move on so we could just relax. All staff we encountered were friendly and the place was clean, with tables tidied as people left.


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