Costa – Waterstones, Bridlesmith Gate

I love this Costa, it was small and not like other Costsa’s really, the guys who worked there were very cool and friendly. But it has been refurbished recently, made much more open and added seating, good for them to increase profits and change the image, but I liked it a little dog-eared and not as corporate!

Kerry had an Ameicano and a bacon roll – Costa do not do bacon rolls but she sneaked one in from Greggs! I had a decaf latte and a cheese and tomato toastie. We also shared a caramel shortcake once we’d finished the savouries. Total was £10.05, with an extra £1.75 for the bacon roll.

My coffee was beautiful not had a decaf latte for a while and appreciated the lack of kick for a change. The cheese and tomato toastie was awesome, never had one before but really enjoyed it and I am sure I’ll be having one again in the future, nice and crispy and well balanced flavours.

Kerry’s Americano was nice, and her secret bacon roll was lovely! The caramel shortcake was really nice, caramel was so smooth, maybe a little thicker shortcake would have been good but can;t complain really.

Staff were friendly enough, I do miss the old guys but maybe they work during the week, or have been sacked for being too un-Costa. The place is clean and much more spacious than before, only 2 staff on and it was quite busy but the tables were kept clean and tidy.


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