Nottingham Castle

Day off work so we took a trip to the castle, as Nottingham residents it only costs £1 each to get in, Kerry was interested in the castle and it’s story, I wanted to see the views and eat cake! The view is good, looking down over the city, we chose to sit outside in the large seating area to take advantage of it for as long as we could.




I had a latte and slice of fruit cake and Kerry had an Americano and chocolate cakes – the cakes are homemade and the slices are generous. Prices are not too cheap, £10.50 for the lot, but that’s what we have to expect from this sort of place, not like you can nip across the road to an alternative!

The latte was really nice, very smooth and a decent size – wished I opted for the large size – and the fruit cake was amazing! Lots of fruit and it was topped with walnut and sprinkled with sugar to give a sweet crunch.



Kerry’s Americano was nice, it went cols rather quickly for some reason but tasted nice. The double chocolate cake was okay, she said it wasn’t amazing and was a bit dry, the chocolate on top melted very quickly even though it wasn’t that hot in the sun.

Service was a little relaxed (slow) but a nice place, probably not so nice if chucking it down with rain. The castle itself got a bit of  thumbs down as Kerry didn’t realise it wasn’t a proper castle – no battlements to walk on and a bit too much of a set of galleries really. We may go again though, if there was an exhibition we wanted to see, but I have promised her a proper castle too.



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