Greggs – Lady Bay Retail Park

Never thought we would have a Greggs on the site, not that we are snobs just that when we do go to Greggs it seems to be on our own or with other people! But as we needed to go and buy a cat carrier we popped in to Greggs for a coffe.

I had a latte and yum yum, Kerry had a bacon roll and white coffee. One good thing with Greggs is the price –  all in, Kerry offered to pay this time too, don’t blame her really.

My latte was nice, it can be very hit and miss in Greggs, not too strong, couple of sugars to take the bitterness off and it was perfect. The yum yum was yummy, they must be unhealthy but they don’t taste too naughty. Kerry’s coffee was nice too, it seemed to take a lot of sugar, one of the Kerry’s vices I will work on at some point. The bacon roll was lovely, I had a bit of the bacon and it was indeed, superb.

Seating area was nice and clean, we were the only ones there and we watched people walking past for a while and the staff were friendly too.


One thought on “Greggs – Lady Bay Retail Park

  1. been to the shop on tuesday the 12 aug after 5 to get the 12 pack donuts fror my grandaughters birthdays friends .what lovely carring staff u have and made a nice fuss of us thanxs ladys for ur help xx

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