Homemade – Pelham Street

We have tried to go to Homemade before, but it gets very busy at times and so we have been thwarted, luckily yesterday we were able to get a seat inside – outside was jammed full as it usually is.

I had a latte and a chocolate brownie, Kerry had a white Americano (with cold milk, she is learning to make sure to ask for cold milk each time) and a slice of toffee cake, £9 in total. It is table service but we didn’t have to wait long, the drinks arrived followed by the food, and Kerry got 2 slices of cake, we weren’t sure whether that was on purpose or if the waiter had written down 2 in error. Either way there was no way they weren’t going to get demolished!


The brownie was superb, as can be seen from the picture it was a good size, a nice combination of crunchy and chewy , I can never get my homemade ones anything like that. The latte was very nice too, incredibly hot and I did burn the roof of my mouth but I only have myself to blame of course.

Kerry’s coffee was nice, it was incredibly hot too, even with the cold milk, but she asked for a takeaway cup rather than rush and burn her mouth too, staff more than willing to help out as we noticed similar things with people who hadn’t finished meals too. The toffee cake was lovely, the sponge was really soft, the toffee flavour really came through, and given the 2 slices issue it was also huge!

The place itself is rather small, lots of tables crammed together, I guess that is what happens when you are popular to get more people in, a few different styles of chairs with the tables gives it a cool boho feel. As we got the penultimate table at the time we arrived we didn’t get a prime spot, close to the coffee prep area and so Kerry did get buffeted a few times from staff getting orders. The table was clean and staff all really friendly.

I have been told we will definitely be going back again.


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