Starbucks – Upper Parliament Street

August 3rd was always going to involve this Starbucks, no need to umm and ahhh about going to some new cool indie coffee house as 3rd August is the anniversary of our first date – technically not a date as it was a just a coffee outside of work, but it was where the spark happened and the fire of our relationship was ignited.

Kerry had a grande Americano (£2.10) and croissant (£1.35) whilst I had a grande decaf latte (£2.50) and some luxury fruit toast (£1.65).

Kerry’s coffee was nice, very warm too. The croissant was very fresh, as would be expected and she really enjoyed it, loves proper butter and is only allowed it when we are out and about. My latte was lovely, as it usually is.

The fruit toast was a little burnt around the edges unfortunately, the timer went off just as some more customers came in and one of the barista’s had gone AWOL so my toast suffered. It was still nice but a little crunshy when I’d prefer it chewier.

The staff were really friendly and the place was much cleaner that the last Starbucks we went in. it was a little warm as it isn’t the biggest place, maybe they need air conditioning or to move the big hot machine around a little bit to make it more comfortable.


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