The Cheese Shop – Flying Horse Mall



Until today I didn’t know The Cheese Shop had a cafe area, now I do, and have experienced it. Kerry had a filter coffee whilst I had a latte and a meringue. Total cost was £6.65 which seemed fairly reasonable really.

Kerry thought her coffee was nice, very full and had to drink some in order to get more milk in, and as can be seen in the picture, just, the cup has a cool mouse/cheese logo on it – a nice touch. My latte was lovely, very hot and creamy.

I thought the meringue was just a meringue, when I ordered it I wasn’t expecting strawberries and cream. I am not a fan of fresh cream – and it is not a fan of my stomach – so I had to de-build it! The meringue was lovely after all the effort though.

It is a lovely little place, nicely hidden away from the crowds, not busy but the shop had a constant flow of people. The cafe area was nice and clean and the staff were excellent. Only change we’d make would be the addition of air conditioning into the seating area as it was a little warm.

It has a feel of Delilah about it, but it has been around, as a shop, much longer, and if far less pretentious and I am sure we will visit it again in the not to distant future.


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