Hartleys – Carlton Street

This is a place we walk past quite often – every day on the way to and from walk in fact – and although it’s been open a year we’ve never ventured inside. It was very warm inside but it as it was a hot summers day that could be expected, and we decided to sit outside anyway.

Kerry had an Americano and bacon cob whilst I had a decaf latte and white chocolate and cranberry tiffin, total price was £8.50 which felt like a reasonable price. The food and drinks arrived quickly and the bacon cob was double the size I expected it to be, mega value for money there! The tiffin was big too.


My coffee was very hot so had to wait a while to taste it and it was lovely, nice and smooth and a decent size. The tiffin was beautiful, clearly hand made with a good amount of white chocolate on top. Kerry’s bacon cob was lovely, the girl put the ketchup in a separate little paper cup as she prefers to dunk that have it put in the cob, little extra customer service is always appreciated. Bacon was not to fatty and bun was fresh and soft. Her coffee was nice too, milk in it’s own jug so easy to leave it as strong as she likes.

We will definitely be going back, so I am told, but I wont argue, they do a massive range of sandwiches and salads although I do like cake!


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