Starbucks – Carrington Street

This is a fairly new Starbucks, it is opposite the train station and as it used to be a pub (a horrible one) we thought it would be quite spacious and modern and the pub looked quite big and modern due to the short time it has being opened.

I had a decaf latte whilst Kerry had an Americano, I also had a huge chocolate chip cookie, Kerry wasn’t hungry – well she was but was saving herself for a burger later. Kerry’s Americano was nice too.

My latte was beautiful, so milky and smooth, there did seem to be quite a layer of foam but that’s better than the coffee being too bitter and needing sugar adding, Kerry tried and it and she’d didn’t object so it must have been pretty good. The cookie was nice too, very big, soft and not too many chocolate chips.


The place itself was not spacious, very difficult to move around, a family came in with a pushchair and there was just no room, it was like Tetris moving the pushchair, the chairs at their table and ours. Pretty much every table had mugs, plates, and associated detritus left everywhere, we were there for just under an hour I think and the tables were cleared once, the rubbish on the floor was not touched once. It felt like they just want customers to order to go and not to cause extra work by staying inside. Only 1 toilet for everyone to share too.

Not a place to recommend for a relaxed sit down, but good if you just want to grab a coffee to go.


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