Costa – Victoria Centre

Why do we do it to ourselves? The last 4 times I have been to this Costa, whether alone or with Kerry I have left disappointed; I vow that I wont go back again!

Before we even got to order we had to endure the inane banter going on between the staff, 3 working but none serving it seemed. I had a medium decaf latte (£2.45) but I received a large one instead, didn’t realise until we sat down and no point in taking it back really. I also had a lemon tart (£1.95). Kerry had a medium Americano (£2.20) – we think she got the right size at least – and a slice of vanilla and blueberry cake.

My latte was very weak, tasted like warmed milk that had sat near some coffee in the last couple of days. The lemon tart was superb though, clearly not made in store, it had a thin base then a layer of lemon curd and topped with a thick layer of something lovely – not sure what but doesn’t matter.

Kerry’s coffee was nice, not amazing or as good as other Costa’s (as we expected) but it was okay. The vanilla and blueberry cake was so-so, she would have preferred chocolate cake of some description but they had hardly anything to choose from so it was the best of a bad bunch really. A little sickly by the end too.

We sat in their overflow area which is outside the cafe and in the actual shopping centre itself, it wasn’t particularly clean and is regularly used by non-Costa customers too.


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